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Every frame tells a story.

This is a story of why Dr. Lowe chose Magellan Dental Arts as his dental lab of choice. Find out more at http://www.magellandental.ca/

Magellan Dental Arts was founded by a local dentist in Vancouver, B.C, Canada. For the last 13 years, MDA has been committed to offerin...

This is a story of why Catherine chose Dr. Peter Brawn for her Orthodontic treatment. Find out more at http://www.drpeterbrawn.com/
OrthoPulse® is a Health Canada-approved system that is clinically proven to use low levels of light energy to gently stimulate the bone s...

This is the story of how Tinhorn Creek Vineyards uses the Vin65 platform to boost their online sales, manage their wine club and more. Find the Vin65 plan that's right for your business: https://www.vin65.com/Pricing video by http://www.inframefilms.ca/

Tin horn Creek i...

Well this was one of the best team building activities EVER. The team at Vin65 decided to create a music video as an awesome way to strengthen their team. We highly recommend this for all the teams out there. Here are some snapshots from a super fun day with Vin65 ....

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