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Looking for aerial footage of Vancouver ?

We can help with that. We are small, but mighty video production company born on the North Shore.

We simply love capturing.. beauty.

From mountain peaks to Downtown scrapers.

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Drone Services

B.C's leading industry professionals with 7 years of film and photography experience.
Qualified, insured and certified to operate drones in
Canadian Airspace by Transport Canada


UAV liability and physical damage coverage for all commercial work


As of June 1,2019, Transport Canada has released new rules for flying drones in Canada.  


All operations will only be conducted in accordance with Transport Canada safety rules. We follow stringent safety procedures to ensure reliable and safe operations.


Our experienced pilots are capable of flying our agile drones close to difficult locations, day or night while maintaining the highest standards in safety and operation.

Aerial Video + Photography

Aerial photography offers a drastically different perspective than the one you get from shooting on the ground. Some of the most iconic images in history have been taken from the air. It's not only a beautiful perceptive but a very useful one when it comes to industrial use. We provide one stop Fully Insured and Transport Canada Certified service for UAV Operations.

With aerial real estate photography and videography, you can capture the architectural elegance of your property as well as the surrounding landscape and greenery.
Images of views and vistas available from the proposed development give marketing a head start.Track the progression of your development and enhance your progress reports for your clients.
We offer best quality high resolution 360 degree aerial panoramas and virtual tours for tourism, real estate and other industries.
We can add creative freedom to help reach new possibilities within your production. Get in touch now to discuss your shoot.
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