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A Day at Push Operations

Interview in progress at Push Operations office in downtown Vancouver

We spent a day at Push Operations learning all about their work culture, team environment, purpose and passion! We're still in the afterglow of all the fun and wisdom that the team at Push so generously shared with us. Here's a teaser of some of the moments from our day and a half of filming their #story. Stay tuned for the video coming shortly! We're almost done and soon you'll get to see what it was we created for them and with them. And for now, enjoy the teasers:

Picking up some breakfast for their team at one of their clients - Rosemary Rocksalt! Have you tried their bagels? We got all close and personal in their bagel-making... yum!

Entering Rosemary Rocksalt bagel shop on Main Street

Filming bagels being made at Rosemary Rocksalt on Main St.

Then, we were off to film Andrew's morning commute to the office. Vancouver is really special in what it offers... his biking across Cambie bridge to get to work every morning is one such example.

Biking to work across Cambie bridge

Next, off to get some lunch at the delicious Meat & Bread that Push Operations so generously treated us to. They were just the best to spend the day with! Keep scrolling to see more on 'why':

Picking up lunch at the delicious Meat & Bread in downtown Vancouver

Meat & Bread lunch is ready!

Before we dove into our trendy lunch boxes, a game of pingpong emerged right above our heads! Of course we couldn't leave that uncaptured...

After playing and lunching, we're back to serious business shooting how the real work is done at Push office:

"We work hard & play hard" they said. And we believe them...

And of course, no work day is complete without the furry teammates. After all, they are an integral part of the #officeculture here at Push. Meet Pebbles and Junior, two out of the three office dogs:

It's a wrap and dinner is in order... They are in the restaurant business afterall, and that means client relations not without client visits. Hello, Steamworks!

Meet the team and join them. Disclaimer: must love dogs, boardgames, ping pong and bubble tea! Oh and of course, a tremendous love and passion for what you do. ;)

Stay tuned for the video we've been cooking up for you about what it's like to work at Push!

Until then,

InFrame Team

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