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Debenhams Launches a Progressive Web App as First Step in Digital Transformation

When UK and global department store Debenhams set out to upgrade its mobile site, the team knew speed was the key to competitive differentiation. According to Ross Clemmow, Managing Director Retail, Digital, Food and Events and Paula Hassett, Director of Customer Experience and Operations, the biggest pain point for mobile shoppers that Debenhams needed to address was speed. And it needed to fast.

“Debenhams Redesigned”

The retailer had already announced its “Debenhams Redesigned” strategy, a transformation plan based, among other things, on the deeply-researched conclusion that mobile would unite online and offline shopping and build better relationships with customers.

“Shopping had shifted decisively toward mobile so we wanted to elevate the experience for customers and harness the opportunity for our business,” says Clemmow. “Beyond mobile, we were working from the perspective that we needed to undergo a digital transformation to be ready for the future of commerce.”

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