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About Us Video for a Local Bakery // Bisou Bake House in North Vancouver

Bisou Bakery wanted to have a short "About Us" video to be shared on their website and to be used by their sales team. We went out to their bakery for a day to capture Bisou's baking processes, their facility and a few eye-candy shots of baked goods. Their bakery is located on Vancouver’s shimmering North Shore. They take pride in using the best ingredients, with no preservatives. Our goal to touch about three important points: their processes, the fine ingredients and the love to baking.

A little more about Bisou


/bee.zoo/ Our name, “Bisou” comes from the French word for “kiss” – an embodiment of the delightful sensory experience that our confections bring. We believe everyone should get to experience the joy of eating happily and in the moment. Our treats strive to do just that.

We take immense pride in the work we do to bring our customers the very best. We start with the finest ingredients, masterfully prepared by our world-class chefs. Our promise? Crackers, cookies and baked goods that you can trust. Always made with love, never with preservatives. From our family, to yours with love.


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